The Alchemist Philosopher is the one whos King is the Soul… This King represents the Creator and he builts a city for the Soul where it may live with his entourage and ministers. To this city he called it Human Being. When the Creator finished building this city, he allocated a special place in the centre for his representative. The Creator called this place the Heart and said “it’s not your eyes that our blind, but the heart in your breast… Therefore the one who is capable of seeing the creation as a infinite jewelry will enjoy The Horn of Abundance.”

The Montgó mountain in Jávea split to play with the Pitiusas, islands of almond trees and snails. Hundred days and hundred nights rained while the Gods decided if they should sail or tie up to land. Thunder broke the water and the Sea God emerged from the rocks dragging a mountain, tunas, mantis shrimps, crabs and scallops twinkling like stars. The olive trees opened and the sea drizzled through the stones and there he stayed. Standing up.

One night of the times of the ‘dolçaina’ and lute they looked sad at each other and a tambourine started to jump.Sane people left their lethargy dancing. The old warrior stood up giving small jumps. Protected by his lemon quarz shield, he shook the shell of the insect he had once been. He laughed at the ones who stared at his oddity traped in their own spider web blind of hope.