Ring “The Fountain of Fortune” (Dubai, October 2008)

“The Fountain of Fortune” has a rectangular-shaped emerald weighing 12,28 carats within a pear-shaped, marquise and brilliant-cut diamond surround to the articulated coin and textured gold fountain shoulders and gallery. The green color of the emerald juxtaposed with the bright reflective diamonds symsolise a fountain. The sharp marquise and pear shaped stones set in alternating positions represent the movement and energy of the water. Surrounding the fountain, the golden coins fall freely between the textured gold waterfall of abundance that spills from the emerald and diamond centre and onto the hand of the water.

Ring “The Nightingale and the rose”

Designed as an elevated rose-cut tourmaline within a tapered baguette and brilliant-cut diamond border looked upon by an enamel bird with turquoise necklace and tourmaline back detail to the enamel floral openwork sorround. The piece is an adaptation of an ancient Persian tale: upon seeing the rose, the nightingale falls deeply in love with its beauty. Wishing to express his love with a kiss, he swoops down to the rose, but is prickled at the breast by the rose’s ragged thorns. As his blood falls, the drops instantaneously turn to dazzling rubies on the ground.