El Secreto de la Alhambra

The Quitessence of our work. The brooch, packed with diamonds of different colours and sizes, imitates the Comares Palace in the Alhambra of Granada. In the palace, is located The Thrown Room (‘El Salón del Trono’) and written on it’s walls:

“he owns everything that is in the Sky and the Earth… and his maintenance never tires him…”

The seven skies of the Islamic cosmography are represented on it’s ceiling. Dante would later get inspired by these verses for his Divine Comedy, since Dante studied in Granada. This arquitectural piece represents how the Design of the Universe is unique, multiple, infinite and mathematically perfect.

This ceiling is the starting point of the mudéjar art and shows the ideal symbiosis between East and West. Unity is represented by a 5 carat central diamond and the concentric stars are champagne, cognac and black diamonds.

Foto de la joya El Secreto de la Alhambra El Secreto de la Alhambra